"I never thought I'd join Greek life, but I went through recruitment just to try something new and through the process I met so many incredible women in AOII who welcomed me with open arms and I knew that this sisterhood would be my home. AOII has brought me so much joy in the short time I've been a part of it and I can't wait to make more memories yet. I know I'll always be able to count on my sisters, and being an only child, it means so much to me to say that."

- Sarah Brown, Spring '17

"Alpha Omicron Pi means that you'll always have people to support you no matter what. I love AOII because it truly is my home away from home. I always have sisters that are there to go on spontaneous trips on, or are always down to have a movie night. I always have sisters that I can count on to be by my side whenever i'm not feeling the best, and they're always there to cheer me up! It gives me a sisterhood that you can't find anywhere else. I love having people to do homework with or go make midnight runs to Dutch Bros with. Alpha Omicron Pi gave me my sisters for life."

- Kayla Morrow, Fall '15

"I loved AOII from the moment I walked into the chapter room on the first day of recruitment, I immediately felt welcomed, accepted, and loved and have felt the same way since. The day before recruitment started, I was going to drop out but my recruitment counselor (who was an AOII) convinced me to go through with it anyway. Growing up, I always wanted a sister and now I have hundreds of them! I have met the sweetest, funniest ,most inspiring women through AOII and I am thankful to call them not only sisters, but family. AOII has given me a home away from home and I will forever be thankful!"

- Libby Nelson, Fall '16

"AOII is where I felt most accepted. I'm a tomboy and my sisters from the second they met me accepted me. AOII showed me to come out of my shell, love myself, and know I have so many people standing behind me at all times. I felt at home in this chapter, when I lost two people very close to me, the women in this chapter showed so much love and compassion, so much support. I learned to lean on those around me. Why AOII? It's where I found me, the real me."

- Brittany Sousa, Spring '16

"I went to high school on a military base overseas, so when I came to NAU I needed to completely rebuild my support system. After going through recruitment, AOII was the only house where I felt comfortable and when I got a bid and started the new member process, I fell more in love with it every day. Three years later and I cannot imagine the friends, opportunities, and stories I would have missed out on if I hadn't gone AOII."

- Sam McGonigle, Fall '14