"I went through recruitment in Fall 2021 because I came all the way from Colorado and I really wanted to be surrounded by a fun group of girls. Through recruitment, I had no idea where I was going to end up but I felt really comfortable talking with the AOII girls. I was so excited to become a member of this sorority! Since I have joined I have loved participating at socials, tailgates, and flag football with all my sisters. Everyone made me feel so welcome and included. I have tried things out of my comfort zone which has helped me grow through the year! I have so much love for all of these girls. I have to say joining AOII was the best decision I made as a freshman and I am so excited for what is to come!"

- Issy Lynch, Fall '21


"Coming in as a transfer student sophomore year I was really nervous about making friends and because of that I decided to go through recruitment. I was really nervous going into recruitment because I thought in order to be in a sorority I had to fit into some type of mold. It wasn't until meeting with the girls in AOII that I realized how wrong I was. Without AOII, these last few semesters would have been impossible. I struggled a lot with coming into NAU but with these women to life me up I have accomplished so much. I was able to have a seat on our exec board and make friends that I know will last a lifetime. AOII is much more than just a set of letters it's a family like no other!"

- Jewlz Rose, Fall '20


"I knew from the second I walked into recruitment and sat down next to the blonde girl from Chula Vista that I wanted to be an AOII. From that very first conversation, to preference when we looked at each other and said 'can we just take a minute to be tired' I felt like I belonged. She made me feel so at home, so welcomed. I had big dreams as I went through recruitment. I wanted to be a leader, I wanted to be a part of something where I could make an impact. And that girl, who I now have the immense privilege of calling my sister and best friend, told me I could achieve that if I put my mind to it. AOII taught me that I am never alone, that I can be a leader, and that I can achieve my dreams. My time in the chapter is going much quicker than I like to accept, but I am so thankful for, and will always cherish, the time I get. And to the girl from Chula Vista who asked how my day was and truly listened, thank you for introducing me to the best experience of my life!"

- Ally Jacobson, Fall '19


"I went AOII because I wanted a support system that would continuously push me to become a better version of myself. I have always been super shy and wanted to do things that were out of my comfort zone. Joining a sorority was deinityely one of them. Through my experience, I have met so many amazing women who I am honored to call my sisters and was given the opportunity to hold several positions. I have seen myself grow so much over these past years with the support and push from my sisters. Greek life has given me everything I could have asked for: amazing friends, sisters, leadership skills, and a home away from home. I am truly honored to call AOII my home."

- Alex Carpenter, Spring '19